Halloween Calculation Solitaire

Calculation Solitaire

Calculation is a pretty interesting game where the foundations are built up by multiples, and without regard to suit. Basically you have 4 foundations and you're trying to put a card on top that is X more thant the card currently showing on top where X is the card immediately to the right of the pile... Confusing?.. Sure.

So it's kinda like this. The top foundation is the easiest. It has an Ace to the right, which is to show you that this pile increments by 1. So, if the top card is a 2, the next card that goes on top of it will be a 3, then a 4, then a 5 and so on.

The next pile has a 2 to it's right, so every card has to be incremented by 2. If there is a 4 on the top of the pile, you need to put a 6, then an 8, then a 10. When you get to the Queen, there is no card that is 2 greater than the queen, so you wrap back around and drop an Ace on top, followed by 3, 5, and so on.

Anyway, if you don't get this, just look to the left of the foundation and I have a little note that tells you the next card that goes on top of this pile. The pattern will eventually make sense, so don't worry about it too much.