Halloween Spider Solitaire

Playing Spider Solitaire

Spider's a great solitaire card game. It's also very popular. A lot of versions of spider have a single suit, and that's fine for computer games, but if you're playing with a few real decks of cards, you don't remove all the cards except the spades to play, you just ignore the suit as you build. That's how my version works. You can just build the columns down and ignore the suits on them.

You can only move the top card in a column, or a fully packed series. A fully packed series is a complete series like Jack->10->9->8. If you had a series like that you would either be able to grab it by the Jack and move the full series, or you could grab just the 8. You could say grab the 9 and drag the 9 and 8 to some other column. If this is a bit confusing, I've dimmed all the cards that you're not allowed to drag, so hopefully it will be apparent which ones you are able to drag.